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Create unforgettable products, crafts, and gifts by purchasing St. Elias Woodworking's sustainable Pacific Northwest woods products.

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There's Something For Everyone

St. Elias Woodworking specializes in products for makers and those who appreciate quality crafted gifts. Find gifts and woodworking supplies that inspire, benefit the environment, and come from sustainable suppliers in the Northwest region of the United States.


1. community

Local materials sourced in the Pacific Northwest meets local artisans.

2. Quality

Providing quality goods and materials that create long-lasting heirlooms.

3. Craftsmanship

A focus on building exceptional products in collaboration with local creatives.

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How We Work

If you care about sourcing sustainable woodworking materials and products, supporting suppliers from the Pacific Northwest, and enjoying goods from local craftspeople (or crafting them yourself), then you'll love the items we offer.